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May 28th 2024 - Presentation Posted

Slides from my presentation "Hacking Libraries" are posted.

Download slides here: Presentation Slides

Feb 5th 2024 - Signal For Windows 7 Update

It looks like the Signal servers check what version of Signal you are using to make sure it's not too old. This started blocking the old build that I created. I've updated the version number, and patched over several functionality changes so that it is once again functional.

Signal for Windows 7 Updated Installer - Download it here: signal-desktop-win-6.999.0.exe

Sept 2th 2023 - Signal For Windows 7

Signal has ended support for Windows 7, and blocked existing versions from running. I've compiled a custom version of Signal 6.19.0 which does not include any version checks, and works correctly on Windows 7.

Signal for Windows 7 - Download it here: signal-desktop-win-6.19.0.exe

Apr 11th 2019 - Presentation Posted

Slides from my presentation "Mobile Application Hacking" are posted.

Check the Research section for all the content.

Mar 20th 2018 - Presentation Posted

Slides from my presentation "Hacking The Cloud(s) are posted. Code samples to be posted soon as well.

Check the Research section for all the content.

Mar 23th 2017 - Presentation Posted For Real

Slides and code samples from my presentation "Continuous Integration, Continuous Compromise have now been posted. A computer died before I could post things, thus the delay!

Check the Research section for all the content. Additional code / tools may be posted later.

Mar 13th 2017 - Presentation Posted

Slides and code samples from my presentation "Continuous Integration, Continuous Compromise will be posted soon.

Check the Research section for all the content.

Oct 25th 2016 - Update Coming Soon

I aim for one 9 of uptime.

Apr 29th 2015 - Now with SSL

If you're one of those people who only views the HTTPS version of websites, you're good to go now. Valid certificates and everything.

Feb 4th 2015 - New Host!

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally moved things over to a new host! It would basically be impossible for this host to be less stable than the last one, but hopefully it's actually pretty solid now.

For those who are curious, previously this website was hosted on ChicagoVPS for a cost of $4.33 per month (originally $3.33). You may think as I did, hey, how can you go wrong for $3/month? But as it turns out, hosting at ChicagoVPS is worth about $-10 a month. I've now doubled the budget, and things are hosted for $7 per month, obviously at a new provider! The moral of the story is that for the price of a cup of coffee per month, you too can do big data analysis!

Sometime before next decade I will have the service scan data online as well. I hear the internet census people are doing a new scan too, will be exciting to see what comes of that!

Oct 13th 2014 - Changing Hosts

Things are temp down while moving hosts. ChicagoVPS can die in a fire.

Maybe I'll add some updates when we're on the new host!

June 26th 2013 - Downtime

As of about a week ago, my server provider was compromised and the majority of their data, including my VPS was deleted. While I can't say that this is all that surprising, their handling of the situation has been completely terrible; it's not like they don't have enough experience with being in this situation. More on this later though!

Sometime in the not to distant future I will move everything over to a new host which should be able to accomodate the service scan data. Either way, restoring everything from my local backups should not take too long, but I have not had any free time over the past week. Check back soon, and everything should indeed be back online and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

June 13th 2013 - BIOS based rootkit research posted

Over on the research page I've posted a write-up of how to create a BIOS based rootkit, along with a PoC and source code. I originally completed this project several years ago, but it is still fairly relevant.

I've tried to structure the code and scripts so that they are easy to try out and modify, but there's also a sample patched BIOS that can be tried with most versions of VMware. Patching your motherboard's BIOS probably isn't for everyone, so it's nice that this can also be effectively tested in VMware.

In other news, the Internet Census service scan data is coming along, but it's a bit of a slow process. I hope to have an update regarding it sometime in the next week.

May 21th 2013 - Internet Census 2012 search update

The reverse DNS (rDNS) data is now available for searching as well. Currently only terms longer than 5 characters can be searched, and the number of results will be limited to a few thousand.

Fun queries that can be run now that hostname searching is available include:

Upcoming updates (in order):

I would really like to get the banner data online as soon as possible, however this website only gets updated in my spare time. Hopefully all of the above items will be done in less than a month though!

May 5th 2013 - Website online!

After much delay, this website is now online. The driving reason behind this website (initially) at least is to get the Internet Census 2012 data online in a searchable form. Over the next week I plan to post some updates with some of my past research, tools, etc, so please check back every so often! Going forwards I plan to host any new projects or research here as well.

I don't have any comment boxes or anything like that on this website, but I would love any feedback anyone has! Please send any thoughts, suggestions, or hate mail to my email on the contact page (I don't recommend hate mail, will get you on "the list").